I moved to Los Angeles in 2007 and worked a nine year career of design and marketing. After two years of design school and nine years of growing in my career, while working with talented creatives. I decided it was time to turn my vision of an apparel brand into a reality.

These days I do as much as I can as a one woman team. I design all the graphics, create the photoshoot concepts, put in orders purchased, package and send out, hire a full team of creatives and models to work together, create line sheets, arrange collaborations and brainstorm ideas, keep the website updates and the list goes on. It sounds like a lot, but when you put your heart, hustle and time into something it works out if you really want it to. The one thing I am now focusing more on is the cut and sew items. I will also be hiring someone to give some of my tasks off to. You could find me in Downtown Los Angeles three times a week and my second home is my work studio.

I tend to find my inspiration from streetwear styles in Los Angeles and New York. I currently find a great liking to working with athletes and music artists. My greatest and long time motivation comes from Kith owner Ronnie Fieg.

I get my graphics printed at Product of LA in Los Angeles and I get my cut and sew made in Downtown Los Angeles.

I have one goal, that goal is to create and present apparel goods to the finest in the game.

- Finest Few LA Creator & CEO, Nataly